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RIDEA aluminum head light covers & armishort screen set red [CGS-Y01-RD][YAMAHA MT-25/MT-03]

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Price = ¥ 28,080


color: Red
fits models:YAMAHA
MT-25/MT-03 2016-
-headlight covers and screen set will be.
-long keeps using high strength aluminum alloy (A5052) prevents corrosion and discoloration of the surface finish anodized aluminum to improve abrasion resistance, beautiful appearance.
-5-piece aluminum structure is the headlight covers.
-headlight covers and aluminum short screen mounted in the vehicle body front portion of the image will change.
* replacing the photo is an image may differ from the color of the product. You may look, image and real color is slightly different due to reasons such as
* monitor environment.
* subject to change prices and specifications subject to this product.


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