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S. H. s.h.monstertarts Hui Kyo song Godzilla (1989) approx. 200 mm PVC & ABS-pre-painted PVC figure

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series “S.H.MonsterArts Hui Kyo song (KOU KYOU KYOKU)” started! Movable mechanism in S.H.MonsterArts, while incorporating sound and gimmick. Roaring sound, 3 species radiated heat, Godzilla’s footsteps as SE journal other Godzilla title Godzilla vs. vehicle Squadron 2 songs music included. Radiant heat to match the glow dorsal fins and mouth. SE journal ★ “ROAR sound” 3 ★ ★ “radiant heat” the footsteps of Godzilla Ifukube Akira Mr. Godzilla title, Godzilla versus vehicle Squadron 2 songs recorded. Enhance the presence of Godzilla. ♦ Lungfish switch is pressed the trigger sound and a gimmick. ♦ represent the pale light color image in the play LED technology. Godzilla glowing in the dark on their hands. GODZILLA and the character design are trademarks of Toho Co., Ltd. (C) 1989, 2016 Toho Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved.
battery type: battery is sold separately for separate purchase.
age: 15 years and


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