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fit any room furniture style kotatsu and 3 pieces of fluffy quilt, mattress
and cut parted company with the fear of forgetting! With people feeling of peace of mind! With a handy controller

height 5 cm for leg
and finish on top and legs round processing of safety
and UV coating in luxury!
and ready heater power, soon warmed up and motor fan because every inch?! 8 kinds of choice is
and quilt pattern!

cut motion sensor will prevent forgotten!

immediate temperature heater mounted & with propeller fans now had a corner!
quilt I which the heat is comfortable! Because it can adjust the temperature controller to keep control on the spot. If you remove the
bed w used in all seasons. A lot of useful features such as hidden storage plus
code hooks and code also! It is
table surface UV paint so classy, sturdy kotatsu. Roll in the kotatsu in the
joint leg height adjustment easily! Forget about cut is safe motion sensored kotatsu 3-piece set.
[こたつ本体] width 120 × depth 80 × height 36 (+5) cm
[布団] (kneeling) 245 x 190 cm (shaded) 260 x 205 cm
[こたつ本体] UV paint MDF (faucet handle transcription), body: solid rubber wood [敷布団] obverse: polyester 100% back: 100% polypropylene, cotton: polyester using 100% Urethane foam [掛布団] table-back: polyester 100% Filling: polyester 100% cotton weight:2.5kg
[ヒーター] fan heater with flat quartz tube heaters, typical power consumption: strongly Wh 196 less than 100 Wh and saving: over 155 Wh ‘weak’ 68 Wh, equipped with motion sensors, energy saving thermal fuse with the clean, low-profile, security design, hand held controller


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