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Set cosplay costumes Christmas costumes Halloween 2016 vampire Dracula vampire fangs down four toy (Dracula fangs)

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“on Halloween after all cosplay!

Halloween staple ☆ pumpkin costume poncho style so dress up too easy! easy wear

! Turned into a giant banana!
length: around you in a 168 cm

real a Hora mask only by wearing a storm of fear (laughs)
and transformed into the lovely bones!
The accent
cosplay costumes and costumes! Just to put a mask of collective anonymous mystery

☆ easy! Grim reaper-style cloaks
popular cosplay ☆ Dracula more realistically.
so recommended, with Fang 4 book set

which are easily wear make so cosplay beginners also recommended is!

impact so please Please wear at events, parties, Halloween, etc. (* ^ ▽ ^ *)
customers, such as
image differences or differences in the size please cannot provide a full refund due to the inconvenience please click here.
You may
and on product images and the actual color is slightly different due to the shooting situations, monitor display.
If some errors occur between
and item dimensions.
You may
for overseas production, made in Japan, compared to the garment such as a little inferior.
Please understand that
more than thank you. “R-farm original product registration JAN code retrieval product. Other sellers who we have we taken on account suspension for treatment on Amazon. Application of
: normal for, for Cosplay, Festival, Festival, event, Festival, giveaways, for parties, Halloween, collection. Made in the
of flexible plastic, easy to wear and suitable for many people.
warning: danger contains small parts choking and, please prevent children accidentally swallowing small parts. Children under 3 years old must play under the guidance of their parents or guardians.


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