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SHURE earphones SE215 Special Edition / Canal type sound insulation / TRANS slug St blue SE215SPE-A [Japanese regular Edition]

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Price = ¥ 12,428


SE215 Special Edition is equipped with a single dynamic type MicroDriver and more thick low new tuning area provides an enhanced low detail sound with space. Translucent blue earpiece outstanding impression, certainly over sleeves of various sizes with a detachable cable a comfortable fit and long term use.

[main features] ♦ dynamic MicroDriver with more thick low realized that new tune
♦ outstanding cable earpiece translucent blue and dark gray color combination
♦ length is perfect for everyday use wire form-fitting with feature-removal-cable
♦ high acoustic sound design
♦ Due to angle light and flat design and optimized comfort fit ear
♦ zipper carrying case kit comes with SE215 is among the high-quality earphones SHURE brand entry users to try. With a single dynamic type MicroDriver
entry model, while the thick low to provide high-quality detail sound with space.
design and adopted a bright translucent blue ear piece in the Special Edition.
noise cut performance and reproduce the sound a delicate attention to detail. Fit, because for a long time can focus on music in comfort.
cable is durable, detachable so is easily customizable.

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