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SONY Walkman A20 Series 16 GB Hi-Res source for 2015 model SM silver NW-A25

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¥ 22,480

◆ hires high-quality sound at any situation where you can enjoy, hires for ring digital noise cancel function • playback of high-resolution sources such as high-quality technology ◆ microSDXC memory cards can carry large amounts of sound / “NW-A25” the supplied headphones hi-res digital noise cancel ring supports not correspond to. * Please use headphones (sold separately) for “MDR-NW750N” when using high-resolution digital noise cancel ring capabilities. * microSD card is not included. * Your order cannot be guaranteed, one person in one car, thank you. Please do not purchase two or more multiple units. Please note that sometimes changed the name at the same address for orders, customers seem to be identical for multiple orders if the orders will be canceled. This pleasure, do not compress. Walkman hires sound-A20 series [16GB/NW-A25] see Hi-Res digital noise cancel ring features with reduced ambient noise while playing sound
Hi Res. For hi-res source of information
sound in CD is approximately 6.5 times. With the increased noise during high frequency regeneration full digital amplifier “S-Master HX”.
size width x height x depth x: about 43.6 x approx. 109 x approx. 8.7 mmx 66 g (body only)

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