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SONY Walkman F Series 16 GB speaker with light pink NW-F 805 K/PI

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Price = ¥ 27,800


music, videos, games, sounds even more fun or
music for performance, of course, enjoy feature-packed variety. Enjoy the music in the style
various Android (TM)-powered “Walkman” F-series. A good sound is spreading
home. Speakers included models can be charged for “Walkman”

♦ WaSP colors. Available in 5 colors
active out want to be blue, a little light pink cuteness for adults, feeling a cool not dressy black with polished white, vibrant personality claim the vivid pink, luxury 5-color development.
their own colors to choose from.

♦ come with the speaker. House speaker
out “large diameter 13.5 mmEX headphones” in, go out with your favourite music. You can enjoy music, rich sound of the speakers in the House
. Design ensured the speaker volume
small size, improves the ability to play the bass. Enjoy powerful sound
research output 1.0 W (*).
natural and dynamic sound. Digital linear phase speaker system

* comes with speakers, Bluetooth (R)-enabled devices, not

♦ equipped with 3.5-inch touch panel display
3.5-inch high resolution touch panel LCD.
videos, games and enjoy comfortable touch.

♦ music continuously play about 25 hours, continuous video about 5 times
music 25 minutes video about 5 hours of continuous music playback is possible. Enjoy music and video on the go

* use may vary.

♦ adopt NVIDIA Tegra2 mobile processor
NVIDIA (R) Tegra (TM) 2 mobile processor 1 GHz. Fast dual-core CPU parallelism achieved a comfortable multi-tasking, high speed Web browsing, video games, high-definition, full HD video playback. (Main memory: 512 MB)

♦ approached Sony’s own high-quality technology with
and high-end audio high-quality sound. Evolved Digital Amplifier “S-Master MX]natural and clear sound is spreading. Clear phase to clear
and compressed sound treble reproduction DSEE (high-range completion),
original stereo sound realize clear stereo,
tight powerful bass-heavy “clear” with
and realistic sound reproduction. XLOUD (TM), to reproduce the sound
and power [VPT(surroundsound)

♦ cut ambient noise to 98.0% (*). Ring digital noise cancel function,
and digital noise cancel ring features cut ambient noise to 98.0% (*). Enable direct sound in silence like that immerse yourself in music. No need to worry about sound leakage so can focus on the music to just raise the volume
trains and buses in the burden to the ear. Guests can enjoy comfortable, clear sounds with your favorite music.

and Habitat selection of
* maker under the aircraft simulated noise aircraft set and headphones at the comparison with. (Our measurement) of total noise reduction about 17 dB in sound energy 98.0% noise reduction equivalent with noise cancelling headphones
* included or sold separately “Walkman” dedicated to is valid only when you use the headphones (MDR-NWNC33, MDR-NWNC200). Ambient noise is inaudible at all is not

♦ lyrics data downloaded from the service point in a song you want to listen and read the lyrics to fly “lyrics PITA (TM)” lyrics PITA (TM)”
co., think power transfer to the”Walkman”.
song to fit the lyrics display scroll on the screen. According to
music lyrics to auto-scroll. Guests can enjoy music while reading the lyrics. If you touch you want to listen to the lyrics, song flies to that phrase and begin playing immediately.

lyrics searches and downloads are available in “lyrics PITA (TM)”
* co., think power operated service (charges apply) to registered users

♦ choose music playback anytime soon… W button features. In W… controls easily equipped with operation
side… W button by pressing the screen whether or not, you can see music screen.
Internet and other fun all while also (*) the basic operation is useful.

* see W… buttons will not work screen

♦ Walkman “of where various genres continues to evolve a variety of multimedia applications opens up the fun
-fun Play Google (TM) store support
games, photos, videos, apps Google Play (TM) Corresponds to the store. Download app of choice, offers high-definition touch screen LCD.
* console connects to the Internet (Wi-Fi communications) and rich applications pre-installed
Web browser and email software pre-installed rich applications from YouTube (TM), and Sony’s own application.
-Sony Select is a huge Apps Play Google (TM) store to select featured apps, introducing the Sony original website.
“Mora (Mora)” nostalgia music hits from the latest music download
music download sites “mora” music of enhanced classics line. In the “Walkman” body music direct you can purchase (Wi-Fi communication)

♦ outside the home, in the car. Walkman music wireless lisning
Bluetooth® capability, because in the train in home and car with Bluetooth® headphones and speaker docks to smoothly connect. (※)
a wide variety of situations in the Walkman music comfortable wireless lisning can.

* optional Bluetooth® equipment is required.

♦ can be recorded in the
you can transfer Blu-ray disc recorder and recording features built-in BRAVIA (*) into the “Walkman”. Guests can enjoy wherever you like
work in and go for a little free time, such as recorded TV shows.

* supported models see “Walkman” support page

♦ with video player designed for browsing and other features
and scenes arch or cover view. Enjoy photos,
[photobuwor] with
and my favorite content to enjoy quick access Favorites widget with
and FM FM tuner built-in manufacturer model number: 805 K/PI NW-F
size: 16 GB
color: light pink


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