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SONY Walkman S-series [メモリータイプ] speakers with 8 GB Black NW-S 774 K/B

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Price = ¥ 21,800


nice sound always together. Wireless (*) more freely! Wireless connection with Bluetooth® enabled devices
* (sold separately) must be

music for performance, of course, enjoy feature-packed variety.
Bluetooth® feature allows convenient and fun outside at home where you can enjoy the sounds correctly.

♦ WaSP colors. Available in 8 colors
where you can enjoy a casual, urban look blue, Opal pink
gold shimmering yellow white easy-to-fit any fashion, fun feeling to bounce
elegant, sophisticated, cute and playful vivid pink, violet
a distinctive and glamorous shine can be coordinated in chic Black 8-color.
their own colors to choose from.

♦ included speakers to enjoy music while charging the “Walkman”
and natural expanse of clear sound reproduction. Small bodies-clear phase speakers
instead of using powerful sound output advanced 1.0 W
and the AC adapter, available also in the built-in rechargeable batteries of “Walkman” play

♦ various high-quality technology with
Sony Sony’s own high-quality technology for mobile devices to evolve further, with.
music, of course, offers high-definition sound until the sound video and game.

natural and clear sound is spreading. Clearing phase to clear high frequency compression of
reproduction DSEE (high-range completion),
original stereo sound realize clear stereo,
tight powerful bass-heavy “clear” with
and immersive sound reproduction VPT (surround),
excellent wearing comfort and the ability to reproduce a rich. Diameter 13.5 mm driver unit EX audio

♦ cut ambient noise to 98.0% (*). Ring digital noise cancel function
and digital noise cancel ring features cut ambient noise to 98.0%. Enable direct sound like drowning into music in silence
. No need to worry about sound leakage so can focus on the music to just raise the volume
trains and buses in the burden to the ear. You can enjoy clear sound
your favorite music.

with three selectable according to
and listening environment mode
(train, bus / airplane / room). According to the characteristics of different environments, perform an effective noise cancelling.
with ambient noise do not play music during silent mode suppresses ambient noise even without playing music,

I want to sleep or when you want to focus on, and becomes very quiet.
value comparison of Habitat selection under the aircraft simulated noise of
* manufacturers ‘aircraft’ set and headphone-wearing and. (Our measurement) of total noise reduction about 17 dB in sound energy 98.0% noise reduction equivalent with noise cancelling headphones
* included or sold separately “Walkman” dedicated to is valid only when you use the headphones (MDR-NWNC33, MDR-NWNC200). Ambient noise is inaudible at all is not

♦ outside the home, in the car. Walkman music wireless lisning
Bluetooth® capability, because in the train in home and car with Bluetooth® headphones and speaker docks to smoothly connect.
a wide variety of situations in the Walkman music comfortable wireless lisning can.

once you have connected standby Bluetooth® device you want to connect simple connection
Bluetooth (R)-enabled devices have searched for “Walkman”. By simply selecting the devices found
and complete the connection.

♦ [lyricsPITA(TM)”enjoyedthelyricsalongwiththemusic
lyrics to auto-scroll to the music being played. Read
lyrics by the artist’s thoughts not by can sympathize.
and “vocal cancellation” and “key control”, karaoke Professional is available.
search for lyrics, download available in “lyrics PITA (TM)”
* co., think power operated service (charges apply) to registered users

can be minimized
-music vocal parts vocal cancel
music vocal part with two levels of intensity.
favorite songs ‘lyrics PITA (TM) and using the “Walkman” straightened at MTV easily.

enjoy video, photos and favorite photos from PlayStation (R) 3 x-apps play
PC application and transfer photos, can be enjoyed in the “Walkman”.
forward, recording video recording features built-in BRAVIA and Sony Blu-ray disc recorder-x-apps
PC application to enjoy videos in
and “Walkman”, the PlayStation (R) 3, “forwarding” feature enabled, in the “Walkman”.

♦ smart learning to
school, commute time, supports a useful language learning at home.

and control the playback speed playback speed through 9 levels (0.5 x-2 x), can be adjusted. You can listen to change speed by
digital processing can play in natural tones, so the speed.
repeat play

and a-b repeat playback language content and songs in any point (between a-b) which you want.
you can listen repeatedly to focus and want to learn.

-quick play play in ▲ button approx. 3 seconds playback position to the back.

♦ in x-apps different content centralized management
x-apps for a variety of content, such as music, photos, videos, and podcasts collects, is transferring to devices that play / edit / experiential, integrated application.

and other features, FM radio tuner, alarm and sleep functions with
and depend on the stamina (continuous music playback 36 hours, continuous video 6 minutes) * use environment. “Charging the consideration
and batteries last longer without the PC connect cable (sold separately)-
direct to the”Walkman”record manufacturer model number: 774 K/B NW-S
capacity: 8 GB
color: black


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