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Sound by vibrating Shaker SONY glass sound speakers Bluetooth capable LSPX-S1

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Price = ¥ 71,900


organic glass tube with a sense of transparency. Bluetooth speaker ^ ^ penetration into the living space, create a relaxing atmosphere.
small body is incredibly high sound quality. Characteristics of sound such as lagoon, possible to develop products of the form itself looks like prototype prototype products.
using filament type LED warm light wrap. So fluffy out and the warm light illuminates the area.
Bluetooth-enabled. Among the equipment corresponds to high quality sound codecs “LDAC”, corresponding to LDAC, various sound and quality can be wireless lisning.
power: lithium-ion battery, AC power supply, battery life (when the Bluetooth connection): 4 hours dimensions (diameter x height): Φ about 82 mm x 303 mm mass: approx. 920 g (including batteries)


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