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Special handgun that appeared in PROPLICA Dominator

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Price = ¥ 15,000


and “PSYCHO-PASS psychopaths'”dominator”appeared in the PROPLICA! 1. the best form was shaped, calculate the size to about 360 mm length determines the size in the movie than the big play. All paint appearance and a realistic texture. 2. emission of barrel equipped with light and sound, with more than 30 multi-color LED completed model dominate in the reproduced in multicolor LED. Reproduce the emission according to each State, such as unauthorized users judgment at red light-emitting, Dominator, not only to reproduce the flickering like rippling light gate (rear sight) at the bottom of the grip. -Normal time: flashes the grip and the disciples of the light emission, and whole the crime factor can shoot blue-light-emitting. And when unauthorized user decision: muzzle, including changes to the red light and the fire. 3. play CV (Hidaka Noriko’s) speech, audio recordings are more than 30 species than play track number and recording voice Hidaka Noriko’s are responsible for the voices Dominator. Boot messages from user authentication, measurement of crime to pseudo can explore the behavior of the Dominator. < Mode 1 example: * each? battery type: alkaline battery 4 cells: 3
(C) PSYCHO-PASS Committee
age: 15 years old or more


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