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[Street Live-complete set] Roland Roland performance amplifier CUBE STREET / CUBE-ST black

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¥ 34,800

• suitable for street performance! rates package is required!

1.Roland CUBE STREET (black)
2.Roland carrying bag [CB-CS1]
3.CUSTOMTRY dynamic microphone [CM-2000-XLR] (XLR-XLR Cable / 5 m)
4. Kyoitsu (KC) boom mic stand “MBCS/BK” (with microphone holder, microphone stand case),

* this item is “Roland CUBE STREET EX/CUBE-STEX” is not.
Please note!

AA battery × exceeded up to 15 hours of continuous use, and class 6 in loudness. To achieve high-quality sound by adopting the
custom speakers and 5.2 Kg lighter body.
guitar/instrument and mic/line independent 2-channel configuration.
With digital effects, COSM amp + guitar sound design; (Guitar/instrument channels)
mic/line channels with 2-band EQ, delay and reverb.


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