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Superb flagship model pursued Carrozzeria (pioneer) 17 cm separate 2-way speaker TS-V 172a

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Price = ¥ 42,284


abundant music playback power ◆ wideband sound faithfully without distortion new development to play “17 cm 2 layer structural carbon fiber cone” recruitment ◆ high performance magnetic circuit to achieve high fidelity playback ◆ adopt aluminum die-cast frame high rigidity of the newly developed dispersion and reducing unwanted resonance ◆ realize broad band playing ” 2.5 cm titanium dualakringdaiafram “recruitment ◆ private bi-amping connection also supports”passive crossover network”/ ♦ specifications ♦ speaker configuration: 17 cm 2-layer structural carbon fiber cornwoofer 2.5 cm dualakringdaiaframutueater instantaneous maximum input: 150 W rated input: 40 W frequency: 32 Hz-48000 Hz output sound pressure level: 89 dB impedance: 4 Ω mass Woofer:0.56kg tweeter:0.14kg Accessories: 選bi抜ki sophisticated sound technology high-quality parts instruction manual, warranty card and high-quality leads and the Inferno in the best unit leads to great excitement. Taking
high quality and excellent design and style with a high balance
texture black unity modulated

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