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KKIFATEC genuine (36942) Audi tv canceller A1 A4 S4 A5 S5 A6 A7 A8 Q3 Q5 Q7 [MMI3G MMI3G + vehicles: VW Touareg car [RNS850] Japan Japanese annotated book (SSK creation) is a KKIFATEC, Germany-TV canceller does not require wiring, detachable completing the easy set genuine latest version kkifatec compensation

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 19,000 ASIN = in five minutes. Just wait for restart the merge navigation in the driving seat legroom OBD port, turn on the enable TV cancellation. Back State TV canceled before to return to the normal state of the connection before reconnecting the same vehicle if you see it is possible. So reads the connected vehicle information available is only one. Conducts purchase direct from Kufa tech companies than Germany branch of the SSK so quality is no doubt. Japan manual published by the Kufa tech company does not exist to produce generic commentary at SSK, are included. Would the work

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