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[ヨネックス] YONEX walking shoes POWER CUSHIONMC30W SHWMC30W

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 15,120 ASIN = B00IM7VING [商品スペック] -size: 24.5-28.0 cm ● material: upper and water-repellent stretch UP leather, seraclean processing insoles / power cushion, midsole and breaker Power cushion, high strength carbon, featherweight light outsole/rubber, abrasion resistant EVA -clean type specification: your toes 4.5 E-category: walking -origin country: Viet Nam [商品詳細] weight sleek design, Wide width with a soft comfort. origin country: Viet Nam the sole thickness: 2 cm width: 4.5 E

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