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【M4.8】OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN 28.9km 2016/10/24 09:28:56…

[ad_1] RT @eq_map: 【M4.8】OFF THE EAST COAST OF HONSHU, JAPAN 28.9km 2016/10/24 09:28:56 JST[UTC+9] (G) (USGS) [ad_2] Source by kyoko

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Arai / ally / Rapide IR Mimetic / East single original / full face helmet size: 59-60

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 42,533 ASIN = B00YECLA9K Cap of:PB-cLc structures decorated FCS system Interior shield: Arai shield I shield (LRS standard) strong PB-cLc Cap body and ally’s own multi-stage foam liner. Realized by two important aspects of the helmet shape up to extreme low weight, compact design. Reduces the wind penetration spoilers and validate the air flow in a wind tunnel facility, was born. Riadact, stabilizes the helmet during high speed driving. Increased air flow-control and efficiency all the ventilation. New furnishings enhance the fit as well as the newly designed IR-FCS. Size / dimensions: 55-56 57-58 59-60 61-62:SNELL standard, JIS standard classification: full face helmets [ad_2]

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