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(Philip model) PHILIPPE MODEL PARIS sneakers /trpez LOW U [並行輸入品] Philip model of attraction is the choice of materials utilizing flavor depth of unique hand-made

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ASIN = B01MAZ6HR4 or add special effects. Wise property seems to be skinny or wide legs, gently addictive and distinctive form make the light, put the foot once is featured with many repeaters in the comfort of the brand. Logo design set on the side is in tribute to the coat of arms of France image. [Color / pattern: grey mix similar contrasting colors in the main and completed the original color-block’s upper. Working with accents of red. (Material & texture) are selected by a variety of materials, such as light and sporty nylon-based fabric and mesh, suede and smooth leather upper.

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Linens linens handmade handicraft needlework plain off-white embroidered width fabric 155 cm 1 m 2 m 3 m 4 m 5 m (Beige than white 1 m) hemp

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 2,080 ASIN = B01JU46EB0 natural materials from (mixed cotton cotton / linen) white (white side) of plain beige fabric size: 155 cm x 1 m weight: reinforced polyethylene (LDPE) sealed storage in the State put about 300 g . Rapid delivery is enabled. hemp cotton’s wool 4 times 2 times the strength. It is characterized by fast-drying and long-lasting.

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