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See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 54,200 ASIN = images in the laser, no need for annoying focus. Just put this product with auto-focus, can be projected up to 100 inches. Compared to conventional led lens of laser projection projection images are bright and clear and displays kukkiri. [Projector screen]: suitable for laser Pico Projector “Smart Beam Screen (screen smart beam)’ (20-inch) [Japan distributor] folding and related products”Smart Beam Laser”. A4 size Binder type and breakthrough of the folding screen. To carry when carrying the usually collapsed. Increase when you use about 20-inch screen will appear. Useful for fits in your bag, go go! [Aluminumstoragecase:AluminumcasewithahardtextureanddurabilityInteriorscratcheswithapolyurethanespongeprotectsgoodsfromtheimpact-Size(cm)outsidedimensions-width19×depth175×height195indimensions-width17xdepth135xheight16 [laser projection

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