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and eradication lurks in the water Dyson hygienic mist Dyson hygienic Mist Humidifier with MF01 / silver

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 56,490 ASIN = B015W1XZUS ‘s own ultraviolet c lens technology, 99.9% of bacteria and to maintain a healthy space. You can also send the mist in the entire room Dyson technology, produce a powerful airflow. [Size]: width 24 x depth 22.2 x height 57.9 cm / cord length:2.0m/ weight: 3.53 kg (adapter included) [power] just for fun: minimum 6 W / 40 W maximum humidifying mode: minimum 35 W / up to 55 W [power] 0.5 W [voltage] 100V 50 / 60 Hz [humidifyingcapacity:300mL/h[applicationarea:8tatamimats-5tatamimatsbacteriaeradicationrate999%tankcapacity284L [water sterilization time: air adjustment a 3-10 phase [ Continuous driving time] 10-18 hours [sleep timer] 15

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