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LG display monitor 34-inch curved ultra-wide uncoated / surface Ultra Wide/AH-IPS / 3440 × 1440 / HDMI / blue light reduction function 34UC88-B

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 103,406 ASIN = B01C5KVIXK fleecing for 34-inch model • wide viewing angle and high resolution 3440 × 1440 at high resolution, full HD and address the common resolution in wider further and screen available! Next to the large resolution for the best Excel work and photo editing! • AMD FreeSync is for fleecing features the same graphics card and a monitor at the same timing and display at the same time. You can reduce the cost without additional modules. • Significantly reduce the burden of eyestrain and headaches resulting from the use of liquid crystal display for a long time and adopt

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Carrot this systems alter plus high-definition wireless camera & monitor set AT-8801

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 30,799 ASIN = B00N4V3URM -920000 images with megapixel (720 p) camera modules, enabling wireless transmission with high-definition video -touch panel specifications adopt a 7-inch monitor. Touch the location you want to work, allowing intuitive operation -can be received if you insert a micro SD card receiving equipment monitors, cameras to record the camera says: 6.0 x 12.8 cm, the receiving machine size:19.8 x 13.0 x 2.8 cm camera weight:0.405kg, incoming aircraft weight:0.435kg camera image sensor: 1 / 4-type CMOS, active pixels: 920000 paintings great, low illumination: IR 0 LUX, the horizontal angle of view : 60 ° infra-red: 7 m, LED

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SONY sealed Studio monitor headphone MDR-CD900ST

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 19,440 ASIN = B000UPEJCU format: closed dynamic driver unit maximum 40 mm, dome type (CCAW adopted) input: 1000 mW, impedance: 63 Ω, sound pressure sensitivity: 106db/MW playback frequency band: 5-30000 Hz code length: approximately 2.5 m plug: stereo phone plug, mass: approx. 200 g (without code)

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EIZO FlexScan 31.5-inch color LCD monitor (3840 x 2160/IPS Panel / 5ms / non-glare/black) EV3237-BK

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ¥ 167,950 ASIN = B00M9RUYSA large-screen, high-definition of information because desktop can display more information, save yourself the trouble scrolling and window switching and improves work efficiency. Enjoy the big screen experience, appears full resolution photos and movies in 4 K or full-screen. IPS Panel wide viewing angles and color representation better recruiting liquid crystal panel drive method employs a better viewing angle IPS system. directions 89 ° wide viewing angle, and angle color variations and tonal flipping to minimize. Moving tasks in fun attitude supports a wide range of lifting, tilt, Swivel, and can be continuously adjusted to 1人1人 user fatigue,

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LG display monitor 34 inch / surface Ultra Wide/AH-IPS uncoated / 3440 × 1440 / HDMI / blue light reduction function 34UC88-B

buy now ¥ 94,005 4989027009868 features: immersive and eye movement can be low, curved AH-IPS LCD display. feature: instead of flickering “Flicker Safe” backlit with blue light reduction function, reducing eye strain. features: game specific features “AMD FreeSync”, “Black Stabilizer” DAS Mode, etc. maximum brightness: 300 cd / m²-maximum color depth: about 16700000 color-response speed: 5 ms (GTG) contrast ratio: 1,000: 1-speakers: 7 W+7 W (Maxx Audio)-type (120 mm) input/output terminals:HDMI(Ver2.0 stands) x 2, DisplayPort(Ver1.2) x 1, USB3.0 VESA compatible: 100 x 100-Accessories: HDMI cable x 1, DisplayPort cable x 1 accessory: utilities security disk (→manual store), warranty card (3 year full warranty)

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