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Osiackerkabuto (OGK KABUTO) bike helmet Jet ASAGI flat black (size: XXL)

buy now ¥ 20,496 [商品スペック] -standard shield color: clear -standard inner sun shade color: smoke -standard: JIS [商品詳細] ” Inner sun shade “, available by operating the lever opening and closing scenes to match with. -storage type inner sun shade equipped despite delivers lightweight and compact shell. ‘ weak stabilizer (PAT.)’ Aero shape form shell aimed at the increased strength and lighter. Place the impact absorption liner to and inside the cheek, top safety. Just pull the lever -child Mecca, equipped with “SAJ-L-P” shield system which can be exchanged quickly. With corresponding to minimize winter rainy and overcast -shield Pinlock Original Insert Lens mounting pins (Pinlock. The original Insert Lens

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Iowa (SHOEI) bike helmet system NEOTEC black size: L (59 cm)

buy now ¥ 41,426 [商品スペック] -color: black -size: S (55 cm) M (57 cm) L (59 cm) XL (61 cm) XXL (63 cm) -structure: Plus, high-performance shell structure excellent rigidity and elasticity yet lightweight AIM + (Advanced Integrated Matrix Plus Multi-Fiber) of strong glass fiber and 3D shaped organic fibers composite laminated structures with a high acoustic performance, based on high-performance organic fibers. -standard: JIS Standards -Accessories: breath guard and Chin F, maintenance kits CW-1 PINLOCK fog-free sheet, bag [商品詳細] from long touring from the everyday city driving. NEOTEC was born to a comfortable ride in any situation. Can effectively block the Sun QSV-1 sun visor and chin strap is

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