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(Beam writes) BEAMS LIGHTS WOMEN wool melange sleeves back lace pullover

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ASIN = B01M06BSSY pullover melange fabrics of the very popular each year. This year decorated lace on the sleeves back design is a re-appearance. 1 grant to dress warm friendly facial expressions a sense of the season. compact-feeling is a skirt with wide pants trend, volume and excellent compatibility. Enjoy in addition to the fall/winter wardrobe. [原産国]: Viet Nam-[素材]: Outer fabric: 65% wool, 27% polyester, 6% nylon, 2% acrylic lining: 100% polyester SIZE:36 cm:47.5cm cm, shoulder width:34.5cm length::44.5cm sleeve length:56.5cm/SIZE:38 cm:48.5cm cm, shoulder width:35.5cm length::45.5cm sleeve length:57.5cm/SIZE:40 cm:49.5cm cm, shoulder width:36.5cm width. :47.5cm sode丈:58.5cm

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(Beams boy) BEAMS BOY/1 cm border neck / 7 sleeves

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ASIN = B00D4DCQ98 [生産国]: Japan

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(Demilxbeams) Demi-Luxe BEAMS and random f rice flare sleeves pullover

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ASIN = B01LX836SF in trend flared sleeves sewn materials, please feel free to this season must-have’s for Frears live design tips. Now introduce casual cut-sew one to choose the best! Woven in the milling of the ribbed or corrugated Titan Telecom is one of attention. While softness and thickness, nice firm texture is characterized by. derivation neck is clean and compact body is in silhouette t-shirt seems to be ease ◎. This is a piece you want plus a spoonful of trendy simple coordination, such ideals come true. 19459005: made in Japan [素材]: 100% cotton SIZE SIZE:ONE cm, length: 55 cm, shoulder

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