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Colorful short wig hanger with election eat 15 color costume Halloween Christmas masquerade Carnival party Samba Festival feast day parlor trick for wig wig (blonde)

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ASIN = B00NFJCC9K easy caring for ☆ wig-1, brushing.  Soak in lukewarm water and 2, over-the-counter shampoo and wash gently. Towel with 3 Pack moisture to take natural drying, prepared over a private hanger. (If you use a hair dryer on the air! ) Or more. Product: is the short bow color wig. (This item is material. Depending on the arrangement of care, is available in various scenes such as Cosplay, Halloween, fancy dress competitions) points 1: with wig hanger is dedicated. (When you spray, etc. in the 360 ° it to trim or cut and habit for example, is also useful when

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