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(Reebok) “Reebok” Reebok INSTA PUMP FURY OG insta pump fury original BLACK/WHITE v65750

See this item in amazon Japan Price = ASIN = B014S4A9IQ “THE PUMP” and “EASYTONE” and “ZIGTECH” an innovative technologies, has created a masterpiece each time. Its 20th anniversary original masterpiece with a PUMP that can freely control the fit to the foot by the pressure of the air, among them say the brand synonymous with THE “PUMP FURY” (early type), reprinted at last. Bottom tooling edgy upper design, commonly known as “getasole” and was called together, true appearance in 1994, original release at that time as much as possible recreate. A reasonable price here uses the “ballistic nylon” durable layers and ranging from air Chamber, pump, straps, lining, reinforced

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