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Than for the highly anticipated blockbuster science FICTION movie “Star Wars/force awakening” awakening movie masterpiece star wars/force first-order Stormtrooper officer ver. 1 / 6 scale plastic pre-painted PVC figure

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Price = ¥ 17,900


hot toys movie masterpiece series lineup! First-order Storm trooper (Officer version) is now available! Height 30 cm, 30 points more than the moving figures to three-dimensional as officer commanding the troops first-order Stormtrooper figure perfectly. White Armor of stormtroopers, were redesigned from the old Max, attention to detail and texture, such as black under suit worn to mold a unique form of helmets and armor, shoulder bag, inner, in a finely reproduced down to the details. Unlike the regular Stormtrooper on the right shoulder are equipped with red epaulettes indicating that the officer. Represent the actual costume has distinctive shiny armor decorated the painting using industry-leading technology. The binoculars binoculars as a Blaster rifle Buttstock is added as a weapon and Blaster pistols, accessories? [Japan domestic market only sales of the product and cannot be purchased from abroad. ]
size: height 30 cm


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