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TMEZON AHD CCTV camera set 2 million paintings great without IR LED 36 3.6 MM fixed lens & recorders HDD

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Price = ¥ 44,100


“high-resolution 2 million” quality of 2 million images in addition to Ajinomoto, 3.6 mm wide angle lens, clearly seen in the appearance of a person or thing.
see infra-red LED with 36 “36 IR LEDS is useful in monitoring the effect of the night and reaches 30 m IR irradiation distance. And darkens light sensor automatically emitting infra-red light and the intimidation effect.
can respond to the AHD, recording features analog and IP cameras, H.264 new video compression technology, high resolution pictures, you can record at a high speed for a long time. Supports up to 6 TB HDD (3.5-inch SATA standard).
“dynamic detection, remote monitoring,” or abnormal movement detector and tells in the mail soon. Equipped with remote monitoring capabilities, iPhone/iPad, Android Smartphone, one is security camera footage seen anytime, anywhere.
[warranty: 2 years “would ask if you buy 2 years, any quality problems or questions, contact us.


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