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To mark “Japan school girl pokedex” Sagano even 1 / 6 scale PVC pre-painted completed figure

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producer: Shunji hagii (Dragon Toy) painted sample preparation: sennchou (Dragon Toy) illustrations: girl in mark “Japanese high school girls pokedex”, Holy girl teacher fully original, Sagano no try-Chan PVC figures of the first! Holy girl teacher fully drawn, Dragon toys planning, prototype, painted. For the figures in this painting color illustrations for details, and has been faithfully reproduced. Women’s band and saga-field even when Chan performs at the Festival at the cheerleader costume. Long hair flapping while singing even when CHAN’s has become the summer poses a look from any angle. As well as figure, realistic coloring and texture quality built-in microphone, microphone stand. Cast-off skirt and a jacket, served in a daring pose! Height: 25.5 cm
(C) Holy girl / mark
age: 15 years old or more


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