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To music SONY Walkman S series 8 GB vivid pink NW-S784/P

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Price = ¥ 19,800


and are always together. S series deliver solid sound

enjoy loud music
S series are together, always better.
for example to go train. Fabulous music without ambient noise by approximately 98.0% cut * 1 digital noise cancel ring features * 2, noise around to care and love.
you can easily enjoy high-quality sound without fine-grained clear audio plus * 2 enables easy operation in recommended Sony.
is equipped with high-quality technology to realize the sounds to reproduce the sound as well as a clear and realistic * clear phases 3 and Walkman (R).

* 1 by our measurement

* 2 headphones included or optional noise cancelling feature with Walkman (R) is valid only when using private headphones (MDR-NWNC33, MDR-NWN33S, MDR-NWNC200).
ambient noise is inaudible at all is not

* 3 is valid only when playing music

♦ avoid choppy music I love. Stamina with long battery
S series batteries are about 77 hours of music playback *. Without worrying about the battery time out
for a long time and enjoy the music. It is also secure when Smartphone battery is low charge from a Walkman (R) body osuso分ke to Smartphone Smartphone charging cable (WMC-NWC10)
(sold separately), you can.

* MP3 128kbps mode. Depending on conditions

♦ a variety of features even more ways to enjoy music
S series, listen to music as well as the more fun features.
for example, according to the music being played in the auto-scroll to display lyrics “lyrics PITA™” with no thoughts of the artist to see the lyrics while listening to music and songs world guests can enjoy music and enjoy. Or karaoke practice
as well as using the vocal cancel karaoke mode and key control feature, in the “dance” dance practice.
also, without thought, mood and scene in the Omakase channel Walkman (R) will your songs automatically you, could be a new favorite song.

* “lyrics PITA™” to subscribe to the service by lyrics search and download (charges apply) becomes possible.
provide advance x-app or Media Go and co. think power “lyrics PITA™” may need to install PC apps

* 1 song lyrics is one “lyrics PITA™” to a compatible Walkman (R) can transfer. Can’t lyrics data
once transferred to Walkman (R) back to the “x-” or “Media Go” lyrics

* the downloaded data is “x-” or “Media Go” on display and cannot be edited.
lyrics display is possible only on the Walkman (R) on

* [lyricsPITA™’servicesareservicesprovidedbythecompanythinkpowerDuetothe
service provider without prior notice “lyrics PITA™” may prevent service interruption or quit, downloading to the new lyrics data.
Please beforehand.

and ♦ PC isn’t easy to enjoy music
Walkman (R), PC is not even easy operation at music easily. It is possible to directly record audio CD/MD if you set recording cable (sold separately) (IMC-nir1), such as
CD/MD player and Walkman (R). You can also edit song
and optional character input pad (KPD-NWU10), on mobile email is like putting a simple operation, directly recorded in the album name and artist name.

not only ♦ enjoy listening to music. Very useful in many situations
S series is excellent usage of non-music. With a language learning features such as
language learning to effectively support the playback speed control, a-b repeat play “quick play”. Includes useful features such as FM radio tuner, alarm and sleep timer and transferred to
and even video playback and photo viewing.

♦ House well outside the comfort wireless lisning *
S series with Bluetooth® capability. In the train connecting Bluetooth® speakers and in home and car with Bluetooth® headphones.
a wide variety of situations in the Walkman® music comfortable wireless lisning can.

wireless connection with Bluetooth® enabled devices
* (sold separately) must be


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