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Tokyo Marui HK417 EARLY VARIANT more than 18 years of age used for next-generation electric gun

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Price = ¥ 63,436


[next generation electric gun / for ages 18 +] * less than 18 years of age, you cannot buy. ♦ shoot & recoil engine ♦ auto-stop system equipped with ♦ adjustable hop up system ♦ (firing) fully automatic / semi-automatic (single pulse) switch-length: 921 mm/998 mm (stock growth)-barrel length: 300 mm-weight: 4500 g (including the empty magazine, battery)-bullet: 6 mm BB(0.2?0.28g)-power:SOPMOD battery (* 1)-hard-hitting: 70 rounds–名:HK417 size: in length : 921 mm (stock minimum time), barrel length: 300 mm, weight:4.500 g (including battery and empty magazine)
age: more than 18 years of age


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