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Tokyo Marui M4 CQB-10 electric gun appeared in more than 10 light Pro

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Price = ¥ 11,087

ASIN = B00C2M2B88

real scale for Airsoft! To reproduce, cocking pull of modern style with a rail hand guard M4 custom charging handle, the length can be adjusted in 6 stages stock and detachable carrying handle. You can attach various optional parts for 20 mm Rails. Also in the carrying handle to remove the optical sight, red dot sight is mounted.

To set the battery in electric fire is, of course, air cocking gun in one shot by pulling the charging handle, cocking a cell if there is no semi-auto manual (single-shot) firing is possible. ♦ dual launch system ♦ adjustable hop up system ♦ (firing) fully automatic / semi-automatic (single pulse) switch ♦ distance: approximately 25 m (value announced by the manufacturer) ♦ length: 690 mm/775 stock growth (mm) ♦ weight: 1500 g (including the empty magazine battery) ♦ use BB bullets: half-dollar (0.12 g recommended) ♦ power source: 単3 alkaline batteries 5 books (sold separately) ♦ gun loading cage: about 340 from recommended for ages 10 and older for ages: over 10 years old
length: 690 mm/775 mm ( Stock elongation)
Carmine: about 340 rounds
battery types: alkaline batteries 単3 5


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