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Tokyo Marui No.33 FN 5-7 slide swiftly receding buddy fired one P90 sought gas blowback gun

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Price = ¥ 12,682


elite players 18 years or older and at the same time, realistic reproduction of look powerful and when you launch an intense recoil blowback models. Guests can enjoy a reproduces the just pull the trigger with single-action firing, causing the hammer manually raise the hammer, firing double action and real as well as operating two different firing methods. Set includes:-body & magazine protection CAP, cleaning rod, and others ♦ hop up: adjustable hop up ♦ firing system: semi-Auto (single-shot) launchers only ♦ length: 208 mm ♦ weight: 740 g (with empty magazine) ♦ use BB bullets: 6 snack ♦ barrel length: 100 mm ♦ power:HFC134a gas (sold separately) ♦ shotshell: 26 +1 from (if it was loaded with one body) * age 18 years of age or for boys
age: From 18 years of age


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