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Tokyo Marui No.4 electric compact machine gun

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Price = ¥ 19,906

ASIN = B012C5RF62

Germany army special forces command, KSK was hired H & K MP7A1 body set more than 18-year-old art model receiver top and both sides, equipped with a metal mounting trail width 20 mm. Option parts, such as various types of optical devices and Flash Lite is installed. Sukkiri shuno compact cartridge type battery in the body. Connector does not require a battery replacement is simple. * [7.2 V micro battery 500] can be used to compact machine gun series electric! Set includes:-body magazine-EX adapter & protection Cap tracer & silencer adapters and manuals, other ♦ adjustable hop up system ♦ full auto / semi auto switch-♦ length: 380 mm/590 stock growth (mm) ♦ weight: 1390 g (battery not included) ♦ bullet: 6 snack ♦ barrel length: 182 mm ♦ power source: 7.2V micro 500 battery (sold separately) ♦ gun loading cage: 50 * age over 18 years for * Micro 500 7.2 V battery and charger are not included. size: 380 mm/590 stock growth (mm)


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