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TOMIX N gauge 92598 Kinki Japan Railway 30000 series Vista EX (4-car set)

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Price = ¥ 10,986


[vehicle Guide, appeared appeared in 1978 as a 3rd generation Vista 30000-15 organization, adopted a 2-story structure in the Middle car-renewal is made in 1996 by the year 2000 all organized Vista EX and still active ◆ product features, front destination display printed ” Osaka Namba “mounting, printed front view parts accessories and head / tail light bulb color LED Board, currency indicator lights and head / tail lights on-off switch installed onboard, head tail light blackout cases new parts installed and connected surface through hood Wren, and TN coupler (SP) equipped car transfer sheet came, careers with the flywheel power and new collector system and adopt the silver wheel and leading car driver-side-” VISTA EX “logo printed and wireless antenna parts remove already installed, front destination display contents: Kyoto, Nagoya, Kashikojima, Toba * Shima Spain village character does not reproduce Kinki Japan Railway and Japan express product license pending


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