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Toshiba 15.6-laptops dynabook Satellite B35/R Core i3 with web exclusive products (Home Office Business 2013) PB35RFAD4R7JD81

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Price = ¥ 82,300


high performance at low power. Chapter 5 of the latest-generation CPU. Fifth-generation CPU and support operations in driving, thin, lightweight and rugged for a long time. And realizing energy saving performance and achieves both high-speed operation and low power consumption, excellent fifth-generation Intel Core processor family and high-capacity 500 GB HDD with & thinnest 16.9 mm (maximum thickness of approximately 23.9 mm q protrusions?), lightness about 2.3 kg, long time battery-operated enterprise mobile security (maximum battery 9.0 hours), associated with, full-size number pad keyboard standard, IEEE802.11ac. Toshiba HDD protection included, from the impact of important data to protect compact AC adapter Bluetooth 4.0 for much faster wireless environment realization and peripheral equipment and can connect wirelessly and location, convenient to carry


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