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Transformers masterpiece MP32 convoy (Beast Wars)

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Price = ¥ 9,876


to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Beast Wars, finally appeared in Beast Wars masterpiece! Round 1 is the Autobot Commander Optimus Prime! robot completely transformed from a gorilla. Latest technology in paint for the first time used in the masterpiece, which faithfully reproduce the texture of the CG animation or image. With head Gorilla mode by pressing the flashing eyes gimmick. Comes with your sword appeared in the movie and on the arms and shoulders contains cannon. Be able to reproduce the expressive animated Optimus Prime in robot mode, 4 species in beast mode comes with 3 kinds of face parts. Complete new mold products. Set includes: convoy body (1), screaming face replacement (in robot mode) x face replacement (in robot mode), 1 x face replacement (in robot mode), 1 x face replacement (beast mode), 1 x face replacement (beast mode), 1 × 1, cyber blade x 2 used batteries:LR44×2 (sold separately) size: W 240 x H240×D85mm (C) TOMY
age: more than 15-year-old


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