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Uji by Nestle Nestle Japan Kit Kat green tea kitkat Matcha (green tea) 12 x 2 bags per set

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Price = ¥ 990


Nestle Japan kitkat kitkat mini Matcha Uji Matcha “sweetness for adults [12 pieces]]

one piece (11.3 g Standard), 66 kcal

“Uji gyokuro tea leaves”to knead the Uji Matcha green tea-flavored base fabric, aromatic tea of taste and smell set off.

“more deeply, an authentic” is a grown-up Uji Matcha green tea Kit Kat.
foreign tourists visit the
Japan is buying boxes, candy and souvenirs popular No. 1! It is a green tea flavored Kit Kat fan for 2 bags (24 sheets total) set.
see what it tastes like? Family and friends just to try. “That is a trial for the right quantity.
For Kit Kat fan, it is matcha green tea taste 2 bags (total of 24) set. Free shipping…
That “taste or what? I want to eat a little with family and friends… “, It is the perfect quantity for trial.
kitkat Ukii matcha green tea taste, souvenirs NO.1 popular sweets of foreign tourists visiting Japan.


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