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VersaPro type VF PC-VK22TFWL4SZN condensed basic functions (Ci5/2GB/500GB/DVD-SM/15.6TFT/OFFICE Per2013)

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¥ 78,800

-22.6 mm thin body. Value PC secured comfortable typing and pitch. • Windows 7 Professional (downgrade Windows 10 Pro) model-this product is already installed Windows 7 Professional 32-bit model. It is possible to use Windows 10 Pro 64-bit by using the recovery media to reinstall it. ◆ closed 22.6 mm slim and flat design dis play by slim 22.6 mm. Also, natural surface is completely flat design for the bag or desk smoothly can be stored. * Excluding protrusions or bumps. ◆ equipped with USB 3.0 ports to enable rich interfaces, such as USB 3.0 ports enable crisp picture output to equipped with projector, HDMI output and high-speed data transfer. ◆ 4 keyboard with a numeric keypad with numeric input-intensive business suitable for isolation keyboard with a numeric keypad with a four-column. By independent numeric keypad with 18.7 mm key pitch closer to the desktop PC allows smooth typing.


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