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VOX Vox modeling guitar amp 40 W VT40X

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Price = ¥ 18,748

ASIN = B0187P93YS

◆ adopted differs from traditional modeling VET (Virtual Element Technology) • powered by using multistage amplification circuit of vacuum-tube Valvetronix preamp ◆ combined analog and digital hybrid power amplifier ◆ reproduce pure analog circuitry changes in the dynamics of sound quality due to differences in Class A/AB, bias and tube. Can be adjusted by the user • high-performance DSP improves quality of the sampling frequency, amp modeling and Eve ECT ◆ own reflex structure to win the small size but mellow low-end ◆ high airtight enclosure design, Los Angeles without a powerful sound emitting ◆ edit comes in, of course, amp and effect customization and additional available software “ToneRoom” ◆ standard amp aircraft of yesteryear, all over the world gather. Amp model 11 species (20 is the editor / librarian software operations) ◆ built-in effects unit machines as well as quality, 13 species ◆ built-in ready program junk sounds of famous guitarists, including 33 species (Editor / librarian software used: 60) ◆ power control equipment without compromising the sense of drive, you can adjust the volume • physical position of the knob is Equipped with manual mode the sound echoed ◆ with headphone out, AUX input • Visual good visibility auto tuner • optional foot switch amp and effect customization or additional software “ToneRoom”, of course, edit the structure of your own bass reflex to win with the VFS5 switching programs/effects enable / small size while mellow low-end
former fighter, Standard amp around the world will gather. Career programs include internal
prominent guitarist junk sound effects celebrates with
simple machines as well as quality amp models 11 species (20 is the editor / librarian software operations), 13 species containing 33 species (Editor / librarian software used: 60)


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