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Yamaha 5.1 channel YSP series digital Bluetooth enabled black YSP-1400 (B)

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Price = ¥ 29,800


affordable YSP for realistic surround beam eight loudspeakers by anti-wearing in front of the TV

Bluetooth, a dedicated app

is real 5.1 ch surround loudspeaker 8 beam, to expand implementation

body central placed a total of eight small high-quality speakers.
of their own digital sound projector technology allows sound beam reflected on the wall, from a five-way Center, front left and right, rear left and right is real 5.1 channel surround-sound.
a series of YSP unique immersive sound field to create.
also built in subwoofer adopted at both ends of each stand, 8.5 cm diameter unit. Provides a clear bass playing with a large Cabinet equipped with a high-rigidity
baslekhdact-left and right independent, rich, spread. Expand

TV RCN easily anti-wearing & slim design
easy to install, just put in front of the TV

anti-wearing available

More established for slim radiant bar with eight beams speakers, subwoofer is built in stand further integration. Placed in front of the TV alone, across the
TV stand can be installed easily. Just connect the optical cable
television network, and is easy.
and TV remote control signals to be routed to the unit back, equipped with a televilimoconrepeater *. So low
remote control sensor TV not preclude remote control and can be set up. High gloss black finish and size of 100 cm
40-over TV-quality, stylish design, but blends clean around the TV.

TV remote control receiver are covered relief
* infrared remote control signals transmission is enabled.

smartphones and tablets, such as from a wireless play music content to Bluetooth enabled

Bluetooth connectivity allows wireless play

this unit is In the YSP series first Bluetooth supports and enables wireless connection with Bluetooth devices such as your Smartphone and Tablet PC. Enjoy wireless playback of music content for music data such as
Smartphone Tablet PC or on the Internet.
also provides Bluetooth standby mode * features can do with Bluetooth-enabled devices and power supply unit.
is useful, so you can power off turns on power to connect Bluetooth from compatible devices, such as smart phones if you use this feature, and, as well as disconnecting and re-processing of power operation.

* at the factory, is the Bluetooth standby mode is set to off.
enlarge the comfortable operability by

-only control apply ‘HOME THEATER CONTROLLER”

private control apply ‘HOME THEATER CONTROLLER”
(Smartphone Edition) display examples

iOS and Android versions, download free * with the available. You
app, console operations, such as adjust the volume and input switching is possible can, of course, switching between five surround programs (film, music, sports, games and TV) include smartphones and tablets on the screen in crisp and comfortable.
on the home screen, type of equipment and can help you assess at a glance of the body clearly surround programs of the selected icon appears.
in addition, the ideal viewing environment for app features available. And the distance to the wall and size of the room
can automatically adjust surround beam direction and sound processing it in on the iPad viewing position to fully surround sound effects machine.

* iOS version from the App Store, the Android version from Google Play can be freely downloaded. Comfortable features such as

“clear voice” and “TV remote control with learning to expand with

voice and background noise to determine the volume up automatically, only the voice of the people”clear voice”function.
The program background MUSIC and sound effects are used in abundance, narration and dialogue much listening easy.
operation of this machine is made in a TV remote control and TV remote control with learning * features. You can work without
TV remote control in conjunction with the unit power on / off and adjust the volume becomes available, switching the remote control unit with TV.
you can enjoy tailored content, and equipped with a sound field program in addition to Yamaha’s original “cinema DSP” sound fields “YSP-1400”.

* infrared remote control signals transmission is enabled.
-Yamaha surround sound technology YSP-speakers number of precise time control, one to expand multi-channel sound field reproduction

digital sound projector technology, small-caliber speakers lined up multiple horizontal beam speakers and Digital signal processing techniques to control them precisely on the time axis, configured in two. Several speakers lined up horizontally
out of sound at the same time, and each other’s sound waves are the strong wave of straight arrow.
this go straight to sound waves, it’s a sound beam. Timings
and each speaker out sound as a sound beam direction is born. Uses this principle to
“YSP series”, these wall radiation and reflection to produce five sound beams by high-precision digital signal control by the “from behind really sound hear sound” that producing lifelike sound space.

-YSP Yamaha surround sound technology to enlarge the dimension of real, ambient, the sweet spot is different from

digital sound projector for maximum benefits, that it is real. Actually sounds reflected on the wall
from behind hear immersive sound cannot be never reproduced in the virtual method.
and another. It’s that is seamless sound field naturally extended sound
“YSP series”, which bounces off the walls, like a ringing all over the room.
for example the rain scene take a 360 ° in just about everywhere is the sound of the rain listening you can feel the expanse of immersive sound, sound (ambient). Wide area
and a great sound, the so-called sweet spot, they say. You can enjoy the pictures in the presence of natural one
and, of course, listening more.

Bluetooth anti-wearing & slim design
Smartphone, Tablet, wireless play music content, real 5.1 channel surround loudspeaker

8 beam, hold easily in front of implementation
dedicated control apply ‘ HOME THEATER CONTROLLER “by comfort features such as a comfortable user experience
,”clear voice”and”TV remote control with learning with
-YSP Yamaha surround sound technology-many speakers accurately reproduce the multi-channel sound field in the time control, one
-Yamaha surround sound technology YSP-different from the real sweet spot, ambient


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