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YAMAHA acoustic-electric guitar (Authentic Boutique Tone) THR10C

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¥ 30,650

THR10C the luxury boutique guitar amplifiers and amplifier with a sound historical and vintage amps out. From clean to nuance slight picking in a crunch sound realistically know authentic amp sound, and to reproduce the experience of touching the quality finish. A response with a tube amp, excellent effects, high-fidelity stereo sound with the compact body. Play haifiaudiosound’s realistic guitar sound by the Empress, Yama HA high end mixer with five new VCM amp type effect with Yamaha in this one. Packed with USB interface, tuner, battery powered revels in guitarist required features. With the newly developed realistic amp modeling Yamaha VCM technology utilizing the amp modeling. Until the master volume and tone Nob behavior raised power tube distortion accurately reproduced. Equipped with 2 strains of the chorus Flanger Phaser tremolo reproduces the vintage sound with high-quality delay reverb can be selected DELUXE/CLASS A / US BLUES / BRIT BLUES / MINI / BASS / ACO / FLAT digital effects built Yamaha high end mixer to also employed five types of amp type and acoustic-based, flat and VCM technologies. With a boutique amps and vintage amps historic sounds


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