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YAMAHA classical guitar for beginners introduction to veneer top (pine) model perfect 11-piece set CG192S

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Price = ¥ 60,900


table Board spruce veneer, the side / back plate neck, rosewood is a model quality aspects, such as mahogany, fretboard is ebony to adopt, in addition to the specifications of the snub the mosaic pattern on the body side inlay, but looks particularly stand out.
11-piece set includes
-soft case (light is easy to carry)
-instructional DVD (check by saw and heard)
-tuner (Base’s gig! Let accurate tuning meter. Clip type can be tuned across the head. )
-mute (smaller volume and tuck the strings. )
-Polish (used to glaze the body)
-feet (when sitting and playing with high knee, having easily guitar. )
-replacement string (if the spare will bowstring is safe)
-cross (after playing the guitar to shine for you Let’s wipe)
-guitar stand (stand could put up a guitar)
-music stand (soft case with foldable for portability) classical guitar CG192S specifications: ♦ TOP / spruce veneer ♦ SIDES& BACK and Rosewood ♦ NECK and mahogany ♦ FINGERBOARD / ebony ♦ SCALE / 650 mm ♦ paint / table plates, back and side boards gloss finish neck back frosting


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