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Yamaha guitar acoustic guitar beginner high-grade 16-point set YAMAHA FS820 N [98765] [secure inspection after delivery]

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Price = ¥ 38,300


♦ [includes]-guitar body and soft carrying case strap clip tuner original pick six and pick case, replacement string 1 set, cleaning cloth, winder, Nipper and capotasto and mute and guitar stand and method and code sheet and position sticker * CAPO will deliver shape may vary. Please kindly.
EbiSound, professional staff instrument one prior to shipment carefully inspect and, delivered after service system forward your order. Warehouse direct sale than to deliver will take just a little bit, but the instrument is available. Brand representative
Japan, Yamaha’s high-quality acoustic guitar in the acoustic guitar for beginners start set Ebisond original item compact fork type, let’s start with the guitar body model of the popular “FS820” a novice, really first requires only a set of Essentials capotasto requested guitar stand, key changes, have been upgraded. This set if you can start the guitar fun!
♦ [specification] cavity, fork type, length: 497 mm, cavity width (maximum width): 380 mm, body thickness: 90-110 mm, chord length: 634 mm, length: 1021 mm finger Board width (on pieces of): 43 mm, finger Board width (body joints): 52 mm, table Board: spruce veneer, bracing shape: scalopdobreising, back / side panel: mahogany, poles: NATO, finger plates and bottom piece: rosewood, yarn: die-cast chrome (TM29T), on piece and bottom piece pillow pickguard: yuria, bekko (Only the BL/TQ color is black), paint: gloss finish

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