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Yamaha (YAMAHA) rolbein continue your evolution 1984 birth since the Orthodox road strongest selling model-Pearl White motorcycle helmet full face YF-7 RollBahn visor model XL (61-62 cm) 90791-1731X

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¥ 16,098

. Touring youth full face of course that combines the comfort and peace of mind until I evolved into further dimension with the sun visor. Equipped with the retractable sun visor to cut the sunlight. Adopt a UV cut hardcourtshield. Prevents sunburn and reduce scratching of the shield. Useful shield tends to stain cleaning or replacement. Quick and easy attachment and detachment of the shield is possible. S. S. H. (Simple and Smooth Handlin polycarbonate & ABS composite material Cap
standard: JIS type 2 and SG


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