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[Youth] Miko-San cosplay costume set Msaizu (150-165 cm) is a

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Price = ¥ 5,980


to become authentic maiden costume. Your Cosplay, Inuyasha-dog style
fabric has been excellent, authentic! High quality, so it is mistaken for a real maiden
[size]: M approx. 150 cm – 165 cm? s size is large, so according to your height please.”
set includes: lab coat, hakama, Ribbon, band, Thailand string, serial thread 2 points [material]: polyester
our products is a”youth-original products”. [Youth]is the end of store brands products. “In Youth trademark rights pending” we stamped our logo to our sales person copy products and similar products to be exhibited are products had the right product, packaging, image, so please refrain from sales in the same ASIN.

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